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How to Safely Unlock an iPhone?

Ok, want to unlock your iPhone ?  But why? The answer is that after the release of this amazing device Apple restricted the use to only the AT&T users so if you are not located in USA or any way you have no access to AT&T, Then you are in loss. This has been a serious issue round there, because a large number of iPhone fans were not able to use it. It worked only with the AT&T and not with any other SIM cards.
But iPhone savvy’s no need to worry now because I have come up with  software by which you can easily, and of course, safely unlock your iPhone to make it compatible with any SIM card from any GSM service provider. Previously it was done by opening the set which might prove risky and of course shutdowns the warranty. Now what you have to do is to download the unlocking/hacking software from iPhone Unlock Toolkit. And this is for Windows version. This is very easy to do just run the software and click “Unlock iPhone” on the window.