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Password Protecting USB Flash Drive Using TrueCrypt

Flash Drives or USB drives are portable devices so they always remain in contact with many different machines, for transportation of different type of data. That is why, it becomes unavoidable to make them password protected. There are number of different soft wares available in market, some of which are free while some cost money.
One of the reliable soft wares which I have come across is TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is available online and is totally free software.

TrueCrypt basically is encryption software. It first encrypts the contents of the Flash Drive and then applies a password on it. Password protects the Encryption/Decryption key. This is an additional benefit which TrueCrypt offers you, because encryption is generally considered as more safe, than only applying the password.
Version of TrueCrypt for Portable devices requires administrator privileges. First you have to download the TrueCrypt encryption software. After installation, Go to Tools, and then to Traveler Disk Setup. Here you will find Browse button, Browse through the list and select your Flash Drive. Now insert the Traveler Disk into Start TrueCrypt and select Auto run configuration.
Now you will see the option Include TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, checked as default. Make it remain selected. Actually this option will allocate space for you, taking the space from your USB flash drive, in which you will pour down the files and folders, on which you desire to apply password. If you uncheck this option, then the whole drive contents will be encrypted and password will be

applied on the whole drive. It is generally better to apply password on a selected space rather than on the whole USB flash drive. You can select as much space of your USB flash drive as you want in the next steps. Now click Create button and you will see a message,

saying that the Traveler Disk has been created successfully. Now click Ok. Leave TrueCrypt. Now open your USB Flash drive, you will see a file named TrueCrypt.exe. Double click it, and select Create Volume, and then select the encrypted file container. Now click

Next, Select Standard TrueCrypt Volume and hit the next button.Now you have to select your desired file or folder, select it. Now give any name to your container. Now save this. Following the process it will inquire about the amount of space you want to allocate for the container. Allocate the desired space.

After this set a password by following the steps, the password should be at least 20 characters long. After this click Format. Now you will see a message saying that TrueCrypt Volume has been created successfully. Now you can Exit. Now if you attach this USB flash drive to any computer, the auto run will display. Select the container by name, which you assigned it previously. Click auto-mount devices, and enter your password.
And you are done!