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Password Protecting Windows 7 with TrueCrypt

Password protecting files and folders is a task which is not built-in in Windows 7 workaround like other additions of Windows, Like XP and Vista. Rather all these versions provide password facility only when you Log on to your system. But now you can password protect your files and folders in Windows 7. I have come up with software, known as TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is encrypting software and in addition it applies passwords to your desired files and folders. It is totally FREE. So you don't have to put in your money.
With the help of TrueCrypt you can easily apply password to your desired folders. To use TrueCrypt you should have administrator privileges. TrueCrypt encrypts the files and folders and applies a password on them. On providing true password it then decrypts the protected files and folders.
You can also secure your important data by using Windows EFS which stands for Windows Encrypting File System, if you own a Flagship Edition of Windows. This will do the same, encrypt your folders and apply password on it.
Or you can use FREE encryption and Password protection software, TrueCrypt which is very easy to use. So hurry up, Go and enjoy!