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Playing Games on PC Using Xbox 360 Controller

Now-a-days more and more video game Savvies are moving toward consoles, as playing games on PC with a keyboard is exhausting, most of the time. But now you can also setup your Xbox 360 controller on your PC without much effort.
Ok, to setup your Xbox 360 controller, you need to plug the controller at one of the USB ports. The system will find the controller and will ask you to install the required drivers.
But if it does not happen, then simply you have to go to Microsoft downloads. You will be presented a form, fill it and submit to get your desired software. Download the software and install it on your machine. You can setup the Wireless Xbox 360 controller, but for that purpose, you will have to put some money for buying wireless gaming receiver. That is available here at Amazon.
One thing more, not all games work fine with the controller, so first, you have to check either your game is supported by the controller or not. Moreover you can check the status of your controller by going to "Game Controllers" in the control panel. You can also download a software Pinnacle Game Profiler  by which you will be having an ease of not setting different configurations for different games, as different games do not support same configuration at times. It costs about $19.95, currently. It will take away some of your cash, but will prove useful, for setting configurations easily, which may otherwise prove tedious.