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4 Simple Ways to Speed-up Your Browser

Why, when you need some information from the Internet quickly, your computer seems to take it so calmly? This can be very annoying, and we all pass through this situation sometimes. 
When your computer slows down, several causes may bump his mind. Maybe memory goes low? Perhaps the software you just installed is causing it? “Is it any “Virus” or "spyware" doing that? Or maybe you just have a bad internet connection. 
 Moreover, it is possible that your browser is not set to reach its best performance. These tricks will not only solve 
your problems, but will help you going in the right direction. 

 Change your 'Home Page' 
This may seem simple, but a home page that has a very heavy graphic content, may cause your browser to take longer to work. For example, if your homepage is a site that includes many ads, try to change it to your favorite search engine to see if you notice any difference. 

 Clean your Cache 
The cache contains details of your browsing history. Images, video, audio files and cookies are stored here, to make your browsing faster. However, if you have many temporary files stored on your computer it will eventually start becoming slower. 
To clear the cache and create more space in Internet Explorer 8, please 'click' on the Tools button in the IE toolbar and select 'Internet Options'. Click on 'Delete' under 'Browsing History' and then do 'click' on 'Delete' once more. 
In Firefox, simply click  ‘Tools’, select 'Options', then 'Advanced'. In the Network bar, just 'click' on 'Clear Now'. 

 Disable Add-ons 
Sometimes, you know it or not, your browser finishes with accessories such as extra toolbars, animated mouse cursors, or blocking of windows and pop-up ads. While these supplements can help make your online experience better, but occasionally cause interference or conflict with other softwares on your computer. Try to start Internet Explorer with no add-ons and see if the problem disappears. Click on the 'Start', then 'All Programs', then 'Accessories', then 'System Tools', and finally ‘click’  on 'Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)'. 
In Firefox, you have the option to disable add-ins if you launch the browser in 'Safe Mode'. 
4. Disable graphics in Internet Explorer 
This may seem a drastic measure, but if you're desperate, it works and is simple. 
On the Tools menu, click 'on 'Internet Options' and then 'Advanced'. In the box 'settings', look under 'Multimedia'. Clean the following boxes and then click on 'Apply'. 
- Play animations on Web pages. 
- Play sounds on Web pages. 
- Play videos from Web pages (Note: This option is not available on the Internet Explorer 8). 
- Show pictures