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Google is Rephrasing Its Privacy Policy to Make it More Understandable

Long ago many Google practices
are under scrutiny because of the dissatisfaction of many users of online tools
produced by the search company. One of the widely criticized issues of the
Mountain View Company is storing sensitive information about people using their
services, as well as the lack of clarity provided by Californians in privacy

In order to regain some lost confidence by many users, the
Google people are working hard in the modification of several statements
pertaining to the privacy policy of their tools. Note that the native U.S. Company
is making changes to the content of their legal section, but that is changing
the way it is worded. The idea is to show people content in privacy policy that
facilitates interpretation and understanding of the issues that are part of
their policy. It means that policy remains the same as always, although
presented in a language somewhat "more simple".

By the time the changes that have been taken place are not
working, but that will take effect from 3 October 2010. In that report users
will see topics such as:

Using information collected by Google


Information sharing

Information Security

Access to personal information and updating it


Changes to privacy policy

If you want to review the report made by Google, just enter
the privacy policy section of the site, which you can access from the Google
home page.