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The HDR in the iPhone 4

Yesterday one of the things that surprised me is the keynote of Apple Firmware Update 4.1 which will now allow for HDR photos.

If you do not know what is HDR I will first explain it. HDR bascically is to get pictures employing high dynamic 
range. I have caught my hands on two nice photos to eleborate the difference. You can take HDR photos by many means but this feature has now ging to be available in iPhone 4.
Now imagine of a scene in which a person stands in the middle and there is tremendous lights at the background (a mountainous landscape for example) with lots of shadows. If you take picture two things can happen: the person leaves blurred in the picture and the landscape looks good, or otherwise obscure the landscape and leaving the person well exposed.

HDR iPhone makes three different pictures of the same scene: one that goes with well exposed person, one where the landscape goes well and another picture that is in between the two.

Then the iPhone processes these three photographs, mixing them and picking the best of them to create a well 
exposed picture. This is done without taking help from any third party app.

This is the theory, but it is best to let us practice so you can see the results yourself:

As you can see the first photo has a clear and well exposed sky while letting the part of palm trees completely 

dark. With the technique of HDR (pictured right) we see three pictures have been processed to obtain a different 

result which is visibly better than the orignally taken photo.