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Unlock Any PDF File by Removing Permissions/Restrions

A few days ago for searching detailed information about a
project, I came across a PDF document.copying a part of text out of
it, I was not able to perform that action.  I checked the file permissions, which stated
that you have permission to perform
everything except copy, edit and print.


While wandering at Delicious I found two online tools that allow you to remove permissions/restrictions from a PDF,
i.e., unlock any PDF file.

One is developed by Ensode.net,
which is in beta, but nevertheless, it works great and is the one which I used for myself. Just
enough to accept the terms and conditions select the file and press the Submit
button. After a few seconds you will be displayed the PDF without restrictions.

And secondly, PDFPirate, at
which you have to select the file and then it automatically, processes and
provide us with a link to download the unlocked PDF,
i.e., Free of any restrictions or permissions.

Download | Ensode.net, PDFPirate