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Check Your Profile Security Level on FaceBook

One of the biggest dilemmas in recent times on internet has lived in the increasing insecurity can be seen in social networks. The most important example of this insecurity is on Facebook, where people use their real names and where users tend to share more private information.
Several precautionary measures can be adopted at Face book to prevent from being a victim. Like, Don’t allow your profile to be public, beware of the applications that are meant for stealing your personnel information, do not provide any personal information to any stranger like, your favorite pet, your favorite celebrity, your best childhood friend and other similar information, because questions of this type are more often related to your internet and financial accounts.
Recently I saw a nice online application to measure the security level of your Face Book account. The application collects and analyzes the information related to your Face Book Profile and gathers the information about all the actions you performed. After analyzing the whole information it prepares a report which shows your grade in different attributes.
You can use the application right now for scanning your profile.