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Earn Money While Using Free Online Storage

Recently many free storage services have been emerged in a short span of time. A large amount of internet users prefer to upload their important documents on these storages as they do not cost any money and provides the user an independence to access the file from any location around the globe, as long as you are connected to internet. Moreover many large websites store their databases in free storages as it saves considerable amount of revenue which otherwise was spent on hosting services.
The most desired features when it comes to online free storages are reliability, security and privacy. Recently when I was surfing on internet I came across a new online free storage service known as UploadOn which in addition to provide free service includes a reward system. UploadOn provides you an opportunity to earn $1.50 for every 1000 download. You can upload multiple files to increase your revenues. The interface is simple. 
UploadOn allows you to upload any file in any format with a size limit of 5 GB. The service is totally free to join and you can access your account at any time to see the earnings and other stats in real time. The service is particularly useful for those website or blog owners who perform thousands of download every moth. This way they can give a little boost to their earnings.
These free hosting providers earn by displaying advertisements on their websites. And this fact is of great concern that what type of advertisements they play in front of your audience. UploadOn is totally secure and you will not face any problems if your audience are minors or children.