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EON17 by Origin a Best Choice for Gamers

No matter what category of computer games savvy you are, you
always desire to own a computer having optimized options for playing any kind
of video games.

And now Origin has released its new EON17 which carries an
optimum combination of such great features which every game lover wants, an
opportunity of like never before. EON17 has really impressive features which
combines power and good design together.

The main source of attraction for EON17 is Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X with a 3.33GHz
clock speed,
which adds to its 24GB of DDR3 RAM, making it capable
to run any game placed in front of you.

For space it carries a vast amount of memory of 512 GB SSD
and a 1 TB hard drive, which makes you enable to store a whole lot library of

As it comes to graphics, then you can enjoy the 17.3-inch screen, Full HD, you
can also enjoy the HDMI 4.1. Moreover Dual SLI GeForce GTX 480M is

And now remains price, so as we know that to gain something
carrying quality you have to lose something. EON17 costs around $2500.

One drawback, EON17 stands in a category of laptops that are
weakly portable. This may be either due to its large power consumption, or
either due to weight. So it is not that transportable like you do in case of
most traditional laptops.