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How to Make a Twitter Account By Sending Text Message Via Mobile Phone?

Twitter has been grown into a very powerful tool in the field of social media. A single tweet has a power to flop any brand of any well known company. Many famous examples are known to us.
Making an account at twitter is very easy. And now the task is going to be easier. You can now make a twitter account by merely sending a text message by your mobile phone. At times, for example in case of any disaster when online access is not available, this method can prove very useful.
To Create a Twitter account is just as one, two three …

To create your new Twitter account...

  1. Send a text message to your Twitter shortcode (such as 40404 in the U.S.) with the word 'START'
  2. Twitter will send you a reply and ask you to reply with the word 'SIGNUP' to create a new account. Send 'SIGNUP'.
  3. Next, Twitter will ask you to pick a username. Your username must be unique and less than 15 characters. Reply with the username you want (see below for advice on picking a username).
  4. You will get a confirmation message when you pick a unique username (Twitter will tell you to pick a new name if someone else has the username you wanted).
  5. Choose a password.
  6. You're all set! Send a message and it will post as your first Tweet.

Choosing a Username

When you send us a text, we'll ask you for a username. This is the name people will use to send you replies and messages. If you choose to log in to your account on the web, this name will be in your profile URL (Example: http://twitter.com/SFtweetie). Make sure that you select a username that is less than or equal to 15 characters in length, with no spaces or special characters (underscores are the only exception).
If the username is taken, we'll give you three attempts to select a unique one (try your luck!). If you're out of ideas, Twitter will suggest and assign you an alternate username. If you want a new one later, it's easy to visit Twitter.com and change your username from the web settings.

The Next Step: Setting Up Your Web Profile

If you've been using Twitter from your phone, it's easy to log in on the web to look at your profile, access others' profiles, and search for Tweets. Simply go to www.twitter.com and click the 'Already using Twitter on your phone?' button in the 'Sign in' menu. Read our article about accessing your web profile for more information.