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How to Play Flash Content Without Installing Plug-in in Restricted Environments?

In many universities, colleges and offices restriction is placed by the administrator on work computers for playing flash content. Many websites like YouTube and gaming sites, etc require flash player. In order to use websites having flash content embedded in them you need to have a flash plug-in installed in your browser. 
The problem arises here. You cannot install any plug-in unless you have administrator privileges. Recently I stumbled upon a very nice strategy to counter this problem which I learnt from one of my friend Bilal. The solution is very much short and simple. The solution is to install the plug-in manually. For this purpose simply follow these steps.
You can use this method for almost all browsers.
    •      Move to any website requiring flash plug-in for playing flash content. For example you can point to YouTube. Now choose any video you want to play.
        •      You will be prompted that the required application needs a flash plug-in. The window will inquire you that either you want to download the plug-in right now or not.
        •       Simply choose Yes to follow the process of downloading. The downloading of flash plug-in will not take more than a minute or two.
        •      After the downloading is complete, don’t allow the system to automatically install the plug-in. If any window appears against you inquiring about weather you want to install the plug-in or not, simply press Cancel.
                      •     Now Copy the downloaded plug-in from the destination you choose at the time of downloading. Open “My Computer” from your desktop and move to the disk partition on which your operating system has been installed.
                          •     You will see a folder named “Program Files”. Open the folder. The folder will be containing the program files of different application installed on your machine. Search for the folder of your browser. For Example if you are using Mozilla Fire Fox, you will find a folder with the name “Mozilla Fire Fox”.
                              •     Open the folder and you will find Plug-in folder containing plug-in files inside. Simply what you have to do is Paste the plug-in which you copied. And you are done! Simple it is. Isn’t it?

                              •       Now restart your browser and you will be free to play any type of flash content. Play videos, play online games, browsing is fun. And one thing more, also share this nasty idea with your non-geek friends. :)
                                Stay tuned we have more tips to share with you…!