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How to Try Different Applications Without Downloading or Installation?

I know, there are many people who are very much careful about the security of their PC machine, due to which they remain reluctant most of the time, trying new applications especially free-wares. Moreover we all know how annoying it is sometimes to download, install and then uninstall the applications.
For those geeks, recently I stumbled upon a very useful and convenient Web service that lets you try multiple online free applications, content managers and even some distributions of Linux for free and without downloading or installing anything. 
The service is known as Click2tryand is very simple consisting upon catalogues of different applications. At this time however, the applications are limited in number but keeping the usefulness of application in view, we expect the list to be largely populated soon. You can choose from different disciplines like Business, Education, Utilities, Web Development, Linux, Office etc.
To fully avail the service you have to apply for registration first, which is totally free. However a premium membership is available if you want to benefit more. One of the major advantages of this application is that your system remains safe from malwares or viruses, which you might suspect due to increased number of threats prevailing over internet.