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How to Use Torrents on Android Powered Smart Phones? | Android Torrent File Manager

Android is going more and more popular day-by-day as it came in the world of mobile phone operating systems. Much of this is due to the fact that Android is an open source and large number of third parties are working in the development of more and more sophisticated software applications.
Much has been changed in recent years. For example previously it was nearly impossible or very difficult task to download large files on your mobile phone, but you can do so by using newer applications. One such application is Transdroid.

Transdroid is Torrent Files manager for Android. It offers many options and also you can synchronize your phone with any computer running any operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux. The operation of this application is really very simple. Just take the IP address of the PC and insert it into the software so that both devices work on the same network.
Transdroid supports almost all the famous torrent websites like Mininova, the Pirate Bay and Torrent Reactor, among many others. If you want to use Transdroid on your smart phone you can do so by downloading the application from their website. And best of all is that the application is absolutely free.


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