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HP Slate 500 Built For Professionals | Design Indications

HP has released its new Tablet Hp slate 500. After the release of Apple’s iPad every manufacturer wants to build his own similar portable electronic device. And Hawlett Packard better known as HP is not behind. 
The specifications and price purely exhibit that the device has been oriented for professional audience instead of common personal use. HP slate 500 with sober and elegant design seems very powerful at first glance, which runs under Windows 7 operating system.  A peculiarity of this Windows 7 is that it is not a version prepared specifically for the device, but a standard edition with appropriate modifications to work in a multi-touch screen.
Notably, the HP Slate 500 has an Intel Atom Z540 of 1.86 GHz and a memory of type SSD of 64 GB with 2 GB of RAM, 1024x600 resolution, Video replicability to 1080p. The 8.9 inch screen gets all the applause due to the excellent sharpness with quick response presentation.
In addition it also provides Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, dual camera for video conferencing, SD card reader and USB port.
The device seems perfect for business professionals and will initially released in United States only, for HP wants to figure out audience response.
The downside is hidden behind the price which is $799, which most of people of course cannot afford. That is why it seems to me that HP has released Slate 500 for only professionals, and not for personal use of common people. The price however includes cost for Cover and a Digital Pen.