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Identify Errors of Your Windows Operating System

Often it happens with us that we get in a trouble with our system. System generates nasty error messages. Error messages narrate the cause of error, but generally error messages are not brief. And most of the time an ordinary user remains unable to identify the actual problem, due to not being aware of meaning of codes and warning messages presented by the operating system.
Recently a website ErrorHelpcaught my sight, which I think to be very useful for identification and solution of error of your system. There is a solution for about most of the questions related to the error messages. The website presents a search box to input errors that appear on your screen, producing results that can help the user to fix them.
The algorithm on which the service works is rather simple. It uses Google’s search engine to traverse through data bases of hundred or even thousands of websites including Microsoft Forums to find the similar condition or problem.
No registration or sign-up is required and the service is free. All you have to is to fill the box saying “Help! Has anyone seen this error?” Moreover you can share your experiences and provide help to others which will help the data base to grow.