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Label / Tag Files And Folders To Categorize And Find Them Faster

Some times when we are working on any project, we consistently need to access different files from our PC. This can be sometimes a cumbersome job, as search a single files can be very tiring. Moreover if the file which you want is located in any sub folder then its even more hectic job (as most of the users like to place files standing in same category to be grouped in a different folder). I myself was recently in a desperate need of some application which might prove useful for tagging files to make the access easier and comfortable. Recently I used Google Desktop search tool which was providing enough ease but it did not allowed compact management options for folders and files.
Fortunately I have found a very nice light application which you can use to tag different files on your PC. The application is named Tabblo. Tabblo simply labels your files to make it easier to spot. Checking on the the downloading website I found more relevant information citing the example that the form of Windows is not as effective when working with files with similar names but different extensions such as documents from Microsoft Office in general ( as Word, Excel, Power Point).
Considering that from Windows Vista can be labeled some types of files with keywordsthat we choose for better recognition, but it is still cumbersome, plus you can not do this in Windows XP. However with Tabblo can label files in versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
The program is free to use but free version can only hold up to 1000 labels. If you want more out of it you will have to go premium version.
Tabblo requires .NET Framework to run.