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Most Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article we will list the most used keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, depending on the user's knowledge level (basic, intermediate and advanced):
  1.  (H) Hand Tool, when we expanded our project area using the zoom tool, we can move with the hand tool, which is widely used is to make it faster and easier using the H key, we can enlarge or zoom out by pressing Ctrl + click or Shift-click, respectively.
  2.  (Z) Zoom tool by pressing Z change the zoom tool to adjust the size of the hearing, the Alt-Zoom Out invest.
  3.  (Ctrl +0) Adjust the size of the window to maximize the size of the monitor. Es Control más Cero, no la letra “O”. Control is more than zero, not the letter "O".
  4.  (B) Pencil tool extremely useful when working with masks, perfect combination with the keyboard shortcuts Zoom and Hand Tool.
  5.  (Ctrl + Z) Undo, very useful to solve those little mistakes we all make.
  6.  (Tab) Show / hide palettes, simple and effective, show or hide all palettes to take the project to full screen and without hindrance.
  1.  ([) Reduce the brush size.
  2.  (]) Increases the size of the brush.
  3.  (Shift + [) decreases the brush softness by 25%.
  4.  (Shift +]) Increase brush softness by 25%.
  5.  (1 to 0), varies the opacity of the brush.
  6.  (Shift + 1 to 0), varies the flow of the brush.
  7.  (Ctrl + Tab) Show / Hide Layers window, efficient keyboard shortcut to save space in the project.
  1.  (Ctrl + Shift + N) New Layer, simple shortcut to create a new blank layer above the current layer.
  2.  (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N) New layer without dialogue, the same as above but without going through the dialogue layer labeling, faster.
  3.  (Ctrl + Shift + C) Copy merged, copy the contents of the current selection to paste into another layer or another project, useful to copy "what you see."
  4.  (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E) Copy visible, copy the contents of the selection (any layer) in the new layer.
  5.  (Ctr + Alt + Shift + K) keyboard shortcuts, displays the configuration dialog help and keyboard shortcuts, if these have not sated your thirst for keyboard shortcuts.

       More keyboard shortcuts:
  •  (Space) Hand Tool.
  •  (Ctrl + H) to hide the current selection.
  •  (X) to change the background color for the front and back.
  •  (F) View of the workspace.
  •  (Ctrl + D) Deselect.
  •  (Ctrl + T) Resizing layers, or modifications.
  •  (Ctrl + U) Adjust brightness, hue and saturation.
  •  (Ctrl + M) Adjust color curve.
  •  (Ctrl + L) Adjust color levels.
  •  (Ctrl + Z) Undo the last change.
  •  (Ctrl + Alt + Z) Undo the last step, cumulative.
  •  (T) Insert text.
  •  (Ctrl + Enter) Exit text edit mode.
  •  (Ctrl + I) Invert the colors of the layer.
  •  (Ctrl + E) Merge the layers.
  •  (Q) Enables quick coat.