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Mostly Used Applications for Reading PDF on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Reading PDF documents on iPad are now going very easy due to the iPad iBooks application for reading eBooks. However, despite this application works correctly on many devices, you still have some alternative third party applications available at iStore.

iBooks is a free application which allows you to read PDF on iPad, in addition to iPhone and iPod touch. The application is also present at iTunes. It features a friendly graphical interface and intuitive environment for the user, which provides a unique experience when reading a document using this new gadget from Apple.
GoodReaderis an application which was actually created for users of iPhone and iPod Touch, and now is going to release a new version for iPad. Using this application you can read and manipulate PDF files, which allows you to carry out many operations like highlighting text, saving changes and supporting notes etc. This application is not free rather is available at the price of $0.99.
CloudReadersis another application available on iTunes which is basically meant for reading PDFs on iPad. So it is specifically designed for iPad, which optimizes its interface for reading books, especially comics. Supports PDF, CBZ, ZIP, RAR and CBR and accelerates the transfer of documents using a USB cable.