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Nokia E-Cu a Smartphone Which Recharges Utilizing Body Heat/Warmth

If something really is being developed at the speed of light is the world of Smartphones, every day we see new releases and new technologies that threaten to be implemented to give a new twist to what is today known as smartphones.
One of the technology advances of same type is Nokia E-Cu, a prototype developed by Nokia which promises to recharge your battery by utilizing body heat, thus eliminating the use of wires or rechargers for recharging. This would for sure make of phones more ecological and comfortable.
The prototypedeveloped has the body made up of copper which serves as a heat sink. This heat is then converted to electricity. In addition to being recharged using body heat, the phone is also able to recharge due to sunlight.The idea has been proposed by a Patrick Hyland. If the idea becomes completely successful by overcoming all the complexities, the idea would then allow us to recharge our smartphones all the time.
Of course the idea is in development phase and prototype has been developed. The production at industrial level is expected soon. Once it is implemented on industrial level it would totally revolutionize the industry. Beyond this, another interesting thing here is to see how developers of smartphones or various portable devices, and designers in general, are working to give users a more comfortable products.