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Why Google URL Shortening Service Is the Best Option?

Google has recently launched a new URL shortening service Goo.gl. There are a whole lot of other URL shortening
services available on internet among some of most popular ones, but now it was
the turn of Google. It is clear that the service is not technically new. Since it was
introduced in late December last year to join the Google toolbar and then
spread among other enterprise services such as News, Blogger, Maps, etc.

The service itself will be of great use for users of
Google’s free service to build web pages, Google Pages, as the pages created at
the service carry long URLs which sometimes prove tedious to remember.

Service at Goo.gl actually takes a long URL of any website
and then converts it into its equivalent which is easy to remember as compared
to original one. For example the converted URL looks like this: www.Goo.gl/xxxx where “xxxx” is replaced by
some characters, alphabetical + numerical.  It only allows you to redirect your browser
via Google servers.

So, why to choose Google when many others are present?
Answer is Speed, and Security. I have tried the service on Technoscopi and now I can say
that it is amazing when it comes to redirection speed.

The most important of all is security. URL shortening
service by carries an advanced Anti-spam filter. Moreover it also allows you to
check latest shortened URLs from all over the web.