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YouTube Preparing for Charging Its Visitors for Streaming Rentals

The world’s most largest and viewed video portal, YouTube
will now be charging its visitors for viewing rentals of movies and premiere
series, for viewing online. 

YouTube is a website which is owned by Google and is the
world’s largest video sharing website where you can find any kind of video of
any quality. In past years its users grew exponentially, and are still counting
constantly. Its success is mainly due to the possibility that grants its
members to host their personal videos for sharing. Doing so at YouTube is very
simple and no professional skills are required. That is why thousands of videos
are uploaded daily and millions are streamed and downloaded.

News has been published in a british news paper, Reporting
that Google is now preparing to charge its surfers on a PPV-service model.
Rumors are that Google will be carrying out discussions and negotiations with
Hollywood production houses in this matter.

The service will be launched
officially later this year
and would be a form of streaming service,
which would be accessed through the prepayment of $ 5 and would be available
(for now) in the United States, after the material is released on DVD , Apple
iTunes and Amazon.com.