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Android App For Secret Forwarding Of (SMS) Text Messages

Here came a new app for android operating system of Google. The app has caused a lot of debating and questioning on the issue of privacy and security. Once installed secretly on any phone running android, the application becomes completely undetectable. It replicates and forwards the incoming and outgoing messages (SMS) secretly, unknowingly without the consent of user. 

Application is formally known as Secret SMS Replicator. It also allows you to forward text messages to multiple numbers. Once installed, one cannot find any traces or clue of its presence as it does not leaves any icons or other indications. Moreover there is no way of direct access to application.
It has been developed by DLP Mobile developers and costs $1.99. The application of course cannot make its way into iPhone App store as the rules and regulations regarding privacy policy are very strict.
Zak Tanjeloff, CEO of DLP Mobile said, “This app is certainly controversial, but can be helpful to people in relationships where this type of monitoring can be useful”.
Since its release the app has been questioned a lot regarding privacy and security of individuals. Especially the app is suspected to cause obsessed behaviors in youngsters and couples. But as always every thing has two parts bad and good one. The app is fine in the sense that it may facilitate detectives in investigation or in other similar issues. But it seems that it has more evils associated with the app than its benefits.