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Creating Movies Using Slides In Picasa 3 Movie Maker

Creating movies
with the Picasa Movie Maker is not
only simple but it is fun. You can now integrate your videos, pictures and
audio files to create a personalized
, which you can share with your family, friends or relatives, with the
help of YouTube. The facility of broadcasting
your movie
on YouTube is built-in in Picasa 3, and requires only a click. Picasa
allows you vast amount of handling. You can change the speed of slides, change
their transition style and much more, can add photo captions, running text
along with photos etc.

To Create a Movie in Picasa 3

1- Load Picasa 3.

2- Now choose the folder, from which you want to create the movie.

3- You can choose a single folder or if your desired photos are present in more than
one folder you can also do this.

4- At the bottom of screen, a Movie button is present in the toolbar. Click the Clips tab from it and then choose Get More. By this, now you can select
photos from other locations too.

5- Now if you want to add an audio track in your Movie
presentation, you can load it by using Load
button, which is present at the left part of screen.

6- Now if you want to run text on Movie screen, you can add
it by Using Slide tab.

7- Change the font color, size according to your desire.

8- Choose the transition style.

9- Now hit the Create
button to allow Picasa, create a movie for you.

10- And you are done! Your movie will be saved
automatically. You can edit your movie now by clicking Edit

 Picasa allows you to
create movies in both mp3 and wmv