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How To Fix Bootmgr is missing” in Wiindows Vista and 7?

If you switched on your computer today and saw an error message”Bootmgr is missing” then no need to worry
anymore. Problems of these types are in most cases not hardware related so you
can fix them very easily. Weather you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the
solution is almost the same for both. So you apply these tips for both of the
versions. All you should have is a Disc labeled Windows 7 or Windows Vista (The
one you have installed on your machine).

There are two ways to solve this problem. One is GUI based
so easy and the other one is somewhat more technical so used is the problem

GUI based Solution for “Bootmgr is

1-  First of all, turn your computer on. Insert the
disc labeled Windows Vista or Windows 7, i.e., the one you are using on your
machine. After inserting the disc restart your machine.

2-  Now move to BIOS setup, which comes up in the
start. Set the priority of Booting as CD drive. Save this and return. Upon
rebooting your computer will boot from the Compact disc (CD/DVD) drive instead of
Hard Drive.

3-  Now you will see a dialog box prompting you to set
Language, Time, Currency and Keyboard input format. Set them as desired.

4-  In the same dialog box, at bottom you will see a
link “Repair your computer”. Click it.

5-  “System recoveries Options” Window will appear.
If you are using more than one operating systems, then select the one from the
list, which is creating the problem. Click “next” at the bottom.

6-  The same window will enlist different options
which you can adopt as a solution for your problem. Simply click the first one,
which is “startup repair”.

7-  The system will then automatically advance
toward the solution. But, if the problem persists then you can adopt the method
given below.

Command Prompt Solution for “Bootmgr
is missing”

1-   The initial procedures for this are the same as
given above. Only the difference is that you have to select “Command Prompt”
option in step 6 instead of “startup repair”.

2-   A black screen will appear. Simply input the
command “bootrec” and press enter.

3-   After you input the command you will see path
for BCD input. Just type “yes” and press enter.

4-   You will see a message conforming that the
process was successful.

But if you do not find any path shown after
entering the command “bootrec” then again you can solve the problem by simply
inputting some commands in a sequence. Press enter after each one.

6-      bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup

           ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old 

           bootrec /rebuildbcd

7-  This
will rebuild the BCD store. Now restart your computer.