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How To Identify Website / Domain Owner? | Scam Tracing

Now-a-days internet is growing at an exponential pace. But
this growth is not all positive in sense, rather there is a large group of
internet spammers, phishes, and scammers growing online, day by day. It is
becoming very much difficult, now-a-days to identify true people from the false
ones. Every thing on internet is going towards commercialization. The purpose
of sharing information and knowledge, with other people is going under
replacement by desire to earn revenues. This is useful if you do it in a true
sense, but if the desire of earning revenues overweighs the purpose of sharing
information, then quality gets affected. Not only had this, but a large community
over the internet now-a-days had the aim to promote negative potentials. That
is in fact the community of Spammers and phishes, who deceive you to make most
of you.

But I have found a very useful tool for you by which you can
easily identify the good guys from the bad guys. This service is available at
Whois.com. This website in fact keeps records of database of large number of
domain registrars and hosting providers, and allows the facility of searching
the database.

Whois provides you with the information about any domain you
want to know, for example by Whois you can now track the name, telephone of
residence or business, business or home address, company name if a group of
people are working rather than an individual person, the email address of the
domain representative etc.

Whois is a very useful service, by which you can know about
the details of any domain owner. Moreover by the information you gets, you can
report an abuse.

There are a lot many phishes on the internet, now you can
check their profile information and can contact them to identify them. You can
now remain at safe end by just checking the records. And even you can contact
the hosting provider, which may help you to make the suspicious website down,
or block them. Forum administrators can also find the details of their members
who are abusing their service.

Moreover, now-a-days many website owners now additionally
download malicious files to you computer, along with your desired downloads,
without your consent. Now Whois can help you reveal the ownership and contact
information, which may provide useful for you if you are serious about the

Link | Whois.com