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How To Remember Long complex Password?

Due to increasing number of threats it has now become mandatory to keep passwords long and
remembering long passwords is sometimes
. Moreover you cannot take a risk of writing down your password
in any notebook or digital device, if your password is a serious case. But
somehow if you managed to remember your long, complex password in your sharp
memory, then one day might come that your sharp memory gives you a 404 error
whenever you tries you retrieve your password.
enough. So anyone may not crack down into you private or personal
information. Or in many cases the information might be monetary. But

But don't worry now, some days back I stumbled upon a
technology website, and saw a very much interesting way to securely store your

You will store your password in your Google search engine.
But how? Ok, as we know that search engine has an auto-complete feature in it.
Many times when you type a keyword, and you had not typed the whole word yet, a
dropdown suggestion box appears suggesting you different keywords, starting
with keywords that you already typed.  Now what you have to do is to type your
password into the search box and hit the search button.

It will return with results page displaying no results or
may display some least relevant entries which might be available in database.
Your password has now been stored in the search box for future use. Only you
have to remember are the first few keys of your secret password. Whenever you
want your password out, simply enter the first few keys and a drop down menu
will open providing you, your password. Simply copy and paste the password in
the desired field box and you are done! One thing to remember, this trick works only if you have turned-on the "autosave" at the time when you first used your browser after installation.

Courtesy of Labnol.org