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How to Skip / Bypass Activation Window in XP?

If you need to reinstall Windows XP on your PC this trick is for you. You can bypass or skip the activation of Windows XP. For this purpose you first have to copy two activation files stored in system32 folder. Open window, go straight to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 and copy the files Wpa.bak and wpa.dblon diskette or USB memory. You will be able to bypass the activation screen by using these files.
Now install Windows on any machine on which you want to bypass the activation window. After the installation is complete, restart your computer and press “F8” from keyboard to start your PC in Safe Mode. Now any window like My Documents and move to System32 folder again by pasting in the address bar: “C: \ WINDOWS \ system32”.
Now change the file names Wpa.bak and wpa.dbl to Wpa2.bak and Wpa2.dbl and copy the files you saved on the floppy / USB in the same directory. Exit Windows and reboot.