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HP Mini 1103 Most Affordable laptop Option For Office Workers From HP

Hewlett Packard better known as HP has now released a laptop which we can say effectively serve the needs of people with low budget. If you were devastated due to lack of funds, were not able to but HP Slate 500 hundred and were serarching for more affordable alternatives then it is the time to buy HP Mini 1103.

HP Mini 1103 is a very affordable notebook that stands out of the crowd for its excellent performance not much like next generation electronic tablets but more than that. It has spectacular which can fully meet the criteria of common office workers.
The HP Mini 1103 has a 10.1-inch screen and has two processor options: Intel Atom N455 and N475. Also comes with 1 GB of RAM, three or six battery cells and can choose from three versions of the operating system, whether Windows 7 Starter, SUSE Linux or Free DOS OS. While these are the specifications but one thing more to mention which will make HP Mini 1103 a perfect choice for office workers is that you get two business softwares QuickWeb and QuickSync free of cost, among with many others.
And now is the time to tell you the most important thing that is price. HP Mini 1103 is available for surprisingly low price when compared with the features which it carries that is $ 299. Which I think is pretty good for normal office workers.

Link | HP Mini 1103