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Japan Working On Fastest Scanner: Capable To Scan 170 Pages per Minute

Japan is working on a technology to scan 170 pages book in a minute. A prototype scanner capable of scanning a book in a minute will be ready in a couple of years estimated the researcher who leads the team at the University of Tokyo that is developing this device.
The experts said that if they become completely successful, then the same technology can be used to develop high speed cameras capable to take 500 frames per second.

Experts see the system as the world's fastest system of scanning yet, at this time.
The professor at university of Tokyo, Yoshihiro Watanabe said:
 "We consider this system (scanning) the world's fastest, at least taking into account the technologies disseminated publicly"
The working team is of the view that robots can be used to automatically turn the pages, in case of scanning a book. As a result we will be capable to get the copy of any 170 pages book in one minute.
Isn't it amazing enough?