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Trick : How To Buy Online At Discount Prices: Affiliate Marketing

Many times we have to shop online for many reasons like in many rare cases, we are unable to find any certain medicine and we have to order it online. Moreover there are many shopping savvy people who want to shop online with the comfort of their home.

Big marketing companies also advertise and sell their brands online. For that purpose in addition to launching their own advertising programs they often launch affiliate marketing programs. They enroll other people into their program for their brand promotion. Those people who have a reach to the right kind of audience often register with them and for every sale they make; they are awarded with some commission.
Most companies provide their affiliate links. That link directs to the sales page of that particular page. If somebody buys that product from that page, then affiliate earns some commission. Because that page is associated with unique affiliate ID.
I also do affiliate marketing and promote many brands online. Recently I got in a need for a medicine for which I was an affiliate.  An idea struck in my mind that if I buy myself from my own affiliate link then some part of the cost price will be refunded to me as commission. This will help me reduce the actual cost price by some amount.
The idea worked. This will serve as a discount for you. Also many affiliate programs give you up to 60 %+ share. You can reduce some of the cost for any product which holds an affiliate program. And I don't think it is illegal because being a promoter you also have the right to promote it to yourself. Moreover not in any affiliate contract it is written that you cannot buy from your own affiliate link.  Any views and experiences about this?