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Connect Macbook Pro With TV HDMI / VGA

It is much fun to view your favourite pics and videos on large TV screen instead of Macbook Pro. Watching videos on TV has its own taste and enjoyment, which Macbook's screen cannot provide. Apart from that, only game savvy people know how it feels to play games on large TV screen. This tutorial will guide you if you want to connect Macbook Pro to your TV. Currently two types of output interface port exists for TVs depending on the technology. One is known as VGA and the other one is known as HDMI. You may have heard about them before. VGA is an older technology which trasmits signals in analog form while in HDMI the signal is carried in binary form, thus the signal is very much less prone to error due to noise. This results in better picture quality and quick refresh rates. This is particularly better if you want to play games.

Connecting Macbook with HDMI TV

If you own a HDMI TV then it is among the easiest things in the world to interface TV with Macbook. Thanks to "MiniDisplay port to HDMI" handy adopter cables, which are now available in the market and you can buy one at amazon HERE. It will cost you about $6-7.

After you buy MiniDisplay to HDMI cable you have to tune your TV in Audio/Video mode commonly known as A/V displayed on your TV screen. Keep the Macbook off during this process. Connect the "DisplayPort side" of "DisplayPort to HDMI" adopter at the back of your Macbook pro. After this, plug the other side into the HDMI port of the cable. Now you can turn on your TV and log-on your Macbook. You will see the display of Macbook on your TV screen.

Connecting Macbook with VGA port TV

Connecting the Macbook with VGA TV with can be somewhat tricky. VGA is an older technology and carry electrical transmission signals in analog form. While the output you will recieve from your Macbook pro will be in the form of digital impulses. This is why you cannot connect Macbook directly into VGA port. I will explain the connectivity process of Macbook pro with VGA TV step-by-step.

1- You need something which can convert the digital signal of your Macbook into its equivalent analog VGA signal. To accomplish this all you can do is to buy "PC to Video EZ Converter". This product is specifically designed for this purpose. You can buy one at amazon HERE. It will cost you round about $46.

2- Plug the VGA cable which comes up with converter at the back of Macbook pro and the other end at the back of "PC to Video EZ converter".

3- A second cable will also provided to you with PC to Video converter. Plug one end of that composite cable at the back of Macbook pro and the other one at the back of your TV.

4- Now it is the time to provide power to "PC to Video EZ converter". For that purpose you can use the usb power cable that comes with the converter. plug one end into macbook's USB slot while the other one into the converter.

5- Now turn on your TV and tune it to Audio/Video commonly known as A/V mode. Your TV is now ready to recieve input from Macbook.

6- Turn on your Macbook and you will see on TV screen whatever you will see on you Macbook's screen.