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Download Calibre Pen-Drive Portable USB FlashDrive Version Free

Calibre 0.7.28 USB Pen Drive provides all the elements you need to organize and manage an e-book collection, without any installation. With a simple set of tools and a helpful layout, this program is a nice choice for any electronic reading lover. Calibre Pen Drive lets you download content from internet and then save it in aform of an e-book. Not only this Calibre Pen-Drive is more than a mere e-book reader, rather it stands in the category of e-book manager. You can sort, tag and comment the e-books. That is why its slogan is "one stop solution to all your e-book need".

With Portable pen drive version you can run calibre on any computer without the need of installation from any USB Flash Drive stick. You can download Calibre Pen Drive below.

Size | 29 MB download, 109 MB installed
Link | Download Calibre Pen-Drive
Author | Portableapps.com