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Do Grammatical Errors Have Any Effect On Search Engine Rankings ?

The answer to the question is yes. Grammatical errors as well as sentence structure faults carry negative value for your search engine rankings.
Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use hashed dictionaries stored in their databases to check for spelling mistakes and always check the content of any web page for errors. In addition they have the ability to judge the sentence structure.
Writing codes for interpretation of sentence structure is not difficult. The example you can see is Microsoft Word.
So it is always recommended to double check your content for type errors and other sentence structural errors. Microsoft word can be used for this purpose. It helps you by automatically highlighting both types of errors (syntactic and semantic). This helps save time.
The prime motto of any search engine is to bring quality information to its users and if users find content full of errors it will not satisfy users need.
Presented below is a very interesting pie chart which I found on internet, revealing statistics of Google usage for different purposes. As you can see, the major portions of queries are generated for spell checking. At first I got stunned seeing the stats, but this is reality.