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Google Adsense Premium Publisher and its Benefits

Google has recently launched its Premium Adsense Publisher Service. This service for premium publishers provides them with a great deal of flexibility. Google has provided them options which regular publishers are strictly forbidden to practice.
The criteria for becoming Premium Adsense publisher is to have 20 million page views or traffic from 5 million searches per month. These criteria should be met by one website and not by the multiple websites from any particular Adsense account.
The benefits which premium publishers have are as follows:
1.     Account Manager and Sales Representative
Google provides official Adsense account manager to every premium publisher. This helps in maximizing the Adsense revenue for the publisher. He also helps the publisher to optimize the ad locations, targeting etc. Big guys in regular Adsense publisher program are also provided an account manager but each Premium publishers is provided its own account manager, who works solely for him.
2.     Customized Ad Formats
Premium publishers are free to customize their ad formats in variety of styles. Moreover they can change the font style and font format also. They have the option to remove "Ads by Google" logo from the bottom.
This flexibility in turn makes their ads look more chopped and ads become integral part of their website. This greatly helps to boost their CTR. Regular publishers are strictly forbidden to do so.
3.     Negotiable Adsense Share per Click
Although it is has been found from a trusted source that regular Adsense publisher get 78.5 % of revenue share per click, but Premium publishers can negotiate about share per click.
4.     Adsense on Forbidden Pages
Premium publishers can put Adsense ads on pages containing Adult content which are otherwise against their TOS. But this benefit has a limitation. They are not allowed to put Adsense on pornographic sex content, rather the nature of content should be informative one. Likewise they have the permission to place ads on pages containing casino and gambling stuff. 
 It is strictly forbidden for regular publishers and is against the TOS. Moreover Google ad inventory does not support ads on these types of pages; as a result for regular advertisers ad space shows public service ads.
5.     Advanced Targeting Of Adsense Ads
Premium publishers have option to choose desired ads from inventory for their website. They can do this by submitting list of keywords to receive ads highly targeted to keywords. For regular publishers the targeting is contextualized.
6.     Advanced Monetization Schemes
Premium publishers can consult with Adsense team for more monetizing options, if they have any scheme in their mind. In this way they can develop additional revenue streams.
7.     Dedicated Optimization and Technical Support
As previously stated that premium publishers are allotted their own account managers likewise Optimization team is always present for them.
It is very much difficult for most of the publishers to approach the criteria set for becoming a premium publisher. But if you become one, the privileges you get to optimize the existing revenue streams and creation of advanced one are enough to retire your whole family.
I think the decision taken by Google to give additional privileges will not affect the advertiser’s interests. This is because premium publishers receive traffic to their websites like drops of rain and almost all from search engines. And this is already a well-known fact that quality of visitors is directly proportional to number of visitors you receive via search.