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How many back links are required to gain any specific Page Rank

No doubt back links are vital for strengthening your online entity that is for gaining a better page rank but, often a question bubbled in my mind:
 “How many back links are actually needed to gain a certain Page Rank?”
For example if I want to gain a page Rank 3 then how much back links will be required. The question is somewhat tricky but at last some days back I found a nice table stating an exact relationship between back links and page rank.
The vertical column at the left states the page rank of that website on which a back link is present (Host Website) pointing your website and bold headings at the top shows the page rank which you want to achieve.  Links from all websites do not carry same value for determining the page rank of your website. Greater the page rank of the host website, more valuable it will be for the guest website (Your Website).
How to read the table?
Here is how you can read the table. Select the rank you want to achieve e.g., If I select PR 5 then move to the top row (in bold) stating “Links for PR 5”. The numbers below states the number of back links required to attain that page rank.  You need 3,055 links from a website with PR 4 or you can attain the same PR if 555 links points you from a website having a page rank of 5. Similar relationship is given for others.  Keep in mind that this table is valid only if the host website (Website on which back link is present) and the guest website (your website) are in the same niche.
However one thing to keep in mind is that table is only an approximation and is not 100% true. This is because many other factors like quality of content, SEO also affect a lot.