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How to avoid being Sandboxed

Google Sandbox is an algorithm of Google by which newly created websites are not given higher ranks in the search engine results page SERPs in the first few months after their creation. This is called sandbox effect and all newly created websites, blogs or forums have to pass through it. If any website gets a lot of links dramatically in a very short time then this phenomenon of link building no more seems natural. Moreover now-a-days an increasing number of link baiting and other scamy services are vastly available over internet, which charge fees and promise to give specific number of back links on different websites.
This type of link building is not natural one so it has a tendency to harm the search engine results quality. To avoid all this Google released sandbox effect. Sandbox effect is temporary effect from which every website has to pass. After some time websites gradually comes out of the sandbox.
Google has changed its view of considering back links. All incoming links are not considered as back links by Google now. Rather Google now takes into account a lot of factors to determine the quality of any incoming links and giving it a status of back link. Many factors like time, IP address and more important, trend is taken into account. If the trend seems unnatural, it will enter your website into sandbox even if it is not newly created and is established one. For example, if the link growth of a newly created website is too fast it rings an alarm, because getting too many links in a short time seems unnatural.
Google suggests us to build back links by interacting in social spheres. Back links built by this technique are more reliable and long lasting.