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How to send photos and images during omegle conversations

Omegle is a large user base social oriented website, which connects different users from all over the world randomly. It allows two types of conversations text-only conversation and webcam conversations.
A major problem which Omegle users face is that Omegle does not allow any feature to upload your photos or images. Instead you can only send and receive plain text from users. But recently I stumbled upon a nice idea of making your chat mate enable to see the images your want to send.
To send images to your chat mate all you have to do is select all the images you want to show to him. For example if you want to send the screen shot of your current position of your desktop, you can simply press “Print Scrn” button from your keyboard. This command will take the screen shot of your monitor screen. Now go to Paint and paste the screen shot.
Point your browser to Photobucket.com and make an account. After making account you can now readily upload images to your account. After you upload all the images you want, now you can move to the any image. As you moves to your desired image, copy the respective address from the address bar of your browser.
Paste the address in Omegle chat box and press send. Now your chat mate can see the images you desire by simply placing the address you provided by pasting in the address field of browser.
This all procedure will take merely four to five minutes.  Once you have made account on photobucket.com you can then use your account any time next time, only by logging in.


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