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Nine Most Useful Extensions for Google Chrome

For quite a while Google Chrome is gaining a good share of users due to its speed and variety of extensions that are appearing every day. Here is the list of ten most useful extensions for Google Chrome:
Feedly - Since I discovered Feedly, I do not use Google Reader, my previous favorite feed reader. This extension organizes the feeds you're subscribed to, in different visual styles that make reading the news much more enjoyable and also allows commenting and quickly sharing the news on different social networks.
Stumble Upon - Bored? Install this extension, and begin to discover sites recommended by other users. Select a particular topic (technology, science, humor, anime, etc.), then click ‘Stumble!’ and enjoy a random page for the selected topic.
Delicious Tools - When you install this extension you can save your favorite pages on Delicious with a couple of clicks.
Auto Pager - This excellent extension allows you to load the next page of any website, on the same page, when you reach the end of it. Makes browsing much easier.
Docs PDF / Power Point Viewer - Opens the file links to Power Point, PDF and other documents automatically in the display of Google Docs.

Clip to Evernote - Allows you to automatically save a web page or sections of it.
FastestChrome - This extension installs a number of enhancements to Chrome, easy navigation which converts text web addresses to links automatically, provides the "Related Articles" at Wikipedia, it automatically loads  the next page when you reach the end of any page, adds links to social networks, etc.
Facebook Photo Zoom - View the photos on Facebook in original size quickly by passing the mouse over them.
SEO Chrome - Could not miss an extension for SEO here. This extension gives us all the information about the page you visited, including the number of pages indexed in different search engines, inbound links, no-follow links, IP, Whois records, etc.
I hope the list will be quite helpful. If anyone likes to recommend any other extension, your comment will always be welcomed. And remember, you can access all the available extensions for Google Chrome at: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/