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Where to Give Back-Links?

Backlinks are very vital for your website or blog. Backlinks are actually like a backbone of your website which strengthens your online appearance in the eyes of search engines. More backlinks you have better it is, better will be your pagerank and more you will dominate in the search results.
When I initially launched my previous (health niche related) website, I was only lagging behind for target keywords due to lack of quality backlinks. I have seen guys like John chow who have dominated in search engine page results only due to large number of backlinks. In his ebook Chow mentioned that his blog post about top ten adsense money makers “Top Ten Google Whores” remained on first page for search keyword “whores” on Google for several months, all due his huge list of quality “Google considered” backlinks. Guy Chow actually makes backlinks by giving links in his eBooks which then spreads over the whole internet. Isn’t it amazing?
Building backlinks for your website is a very hectic process and not many webmasters like me like it. Now the question is where to give backlinks. One thing you should keep in mind is that do not make your effort go useless by giving backlinks blindly on every blog or website. This is because of the fact that majority of the blogs on internet has a factor known as “nofollow” attribute set in their HTML codes. "nofollow” attribute tells the search engine not to consider the respective link for Pagerank transfer. Your effort will go useless if you post your links on such blogs, and unfortunately majority of the blogs over internet are “nofollow” blogs, i.e., you do not get any credit by posting your links.

The reason why blog owners do not over “dofollow” attribute set for links is hidden behind the fact which governs the search engines, in Google’s algorithm more prominently. Actually when you post link on any blog which allows the transfer of pagerank, it actually results in the soaring of the pagerank of host website.
For example if website A hosts a link of website B then website A will lose his credit (pagerank) and website B will gian the credit. Why it is so?
Actually backlinks denote the popularity of any website or blog over the internet. Backlinks increases pagerank, so if every one of us (webmasters) allowed everyone to place their links on our websites it would result in a complete flop of the Pagerank algorithm. If this becomes the case that you provide the backlink to your friends without the loss of your own pagerank then it would have resulted in the increase of every one’s pagerank. As a result backlinks will no more remain the factor denoting the popularity. So soaring of host’s pagerank is to restrict him to provide backlinks to other people open heartedly.  That is why most blog owners are reluctant in setting the attribute to “dofollow”. It would otherwise eat away their own hard earned pagerank.
So how to figure out which websites/blogs are fruitful for gaining backlinks?
While wandering through hundreds of websites in the search to find that website which allow dofollow a nice idea struck in my mind. I instead of searching websites for link building simply turned to the strategy of finding links of my competitors. For that purpose simply go to google and type:
Remember to enter the query as it is (replace example.com with URL of website whose backlinks you want to explore).  You can do the same to figure out links considered by Yahoo. Upon hitting Enter you will see a list of links which Google has considered as backlinks of that website on other websites. Of course majority of the websites are those where your competitor has given its links in the comment field. Simply move to the set of websites and place your own backlinks there.
Moreover if you manually want to check that either the webpage allows “dofollow” or is switched to “nofollow” you can simply see the source code of that website by pressing “Ctrl + U” simultaneously. If your website is about health then choose any health related website, if it is technology related chose any technology related website. This is because you get more credit for increasing your pagerank if the website where your backlink is placed falls in the same category as of yours.
And finally be patient, it will take some time for the backlinks to appear for you.