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Which File Extension Types Google Can Crawl ?

If you run a blog or a website owner then you might know that Search Engine Giant Google is not able to crawl all the available file extensions. That is why we are often told by search engine optimizers to include only those formats which Google can crawl, to make most of your efforts.Google though has been evolving for round about 12 years after its emergence, still is unable to crawl many file extensions. However the number of indexable formats is growing in number.
For example, Google cannot crawl image and video formats. The image search offered by Google is based on the contextual result of the page where image has been placed. Google cannot figure out text placed in graphics. So it is better to write a post in text format as compared to graphics. Google can crawl PDF format but it cannot crawl .exe and compressed files. However the semantics on which Google algorithm is based is improving day by day. Below given is a link where you can find latest extensions list which Google can Crawl.