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Why is it Nessecary To have an Active FireWall

Now you need to know why you need a Firewall. Ok, let me tell you one thing that what firewall actually means. Simply speaking Firewall is nothing more than a security guard for your computer. It is something like a door of your computer - from where data enters and leaves through your computer; the guard maintains a check on all that packets of data. So the question was why we need a firewall?
Ok now you know what sort of thing a firewall is, and what it does? Now you can better judge that our world of networks is full of malicious threads, tons of spywares, ad wares, viruses, and blah blah, now think of your computer having no security guard at the door. All, lot many things enter and leave your computer without your consent and the worst thing that you even didn't know it, so all that sort of things can create a lot of trouble for you. And may cause havoc if you are a business man, and information stored in your computer or your network is vital to you.

If you are a business man and the information you keep in the heart of your computer is very much important to you, like it may be business secrets, customer records, your future business plans, blue print for your future endeavors, and other stuff like that, then it would be disastrous for you, to lose any such type of data.
Think of any hacker, or competitor party, that wants to make you and your companies a big loss due to any reason then what will you do, if your firewall is not a healthy one or you have no firewall at all?
Keeping in view all this you may now better judge that having a sound firewall, against uprising number of threats is mandatory now-a-days.