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How To Use Mathematical Symbols In Google Docs? | Mathematical Equation Editing

Google has now released mathematical
equation editing feature in Google Docs
(Online text editor of Google) by
which students and other people can now work
on mathematical equations
in addition to text. By every day passing Google
is introducing more and more amazing features in addition to bringing new
products, all for free. There are some of the features which Microsoft Word is
unable to provide like recently Google introduced a feature in Google
docs by which a user can communicate with other editors of same document in
real time
. You can chat with the person live, by opening a window in the
side pane to collaborate with other editors. Moreover you can work
in offline mode also in Google Docs editor
if you find no access to
internet at any given time. Recently Google made the access
to Google docs compatible with Android powered smart phones, Apple iPad, iPod
and iPhones
by which you can use Google docs on the go, no matter where you
What Can Be Done With Google Docs
Mathematical Equation Editor?
Google Docs Equation
Editor allows you to enter the different mathematical symbols
into the text
which otherwise can not be typed into the document with the help of common QWERTY keyboard. The symbols
include large number of different characters including Greek alphabets, mathematical symbols, operands, operators, scripts
and other many mathematical symbols used for equation synthesis.
How to Use Google Docs Equation Editing
Editing Google Docs
for Equation symbols
is fairly easy. Open the Document you want to edit for mathematical equation. All you
have to do is simply move to “Insert “menu present at the top on menu-bar, a
drop down box will appear narrating different options. Select “Equation” from
the box. This will open the Equation editor listing huge number of different
mathematical and other variety of symbols. Pick the desired symbol from the
editor by clicking on it and editor will place it on the location where cursor
was present. Choose all the symbols you want to synthesize the equation. After
placing all symbols select “insert equation”. This will end the equation
editor. You will see that the equation or any individual mathematical editor characters
are in form of an image.

You can also enlarge or shrink the symbolic character by simply
clicking on the symbol and then drag the corner with the help of mouse. If you
want to delete any symbolic character you can do so by clicking on the image,
as you click a pop-up will open listing the option of editing, deleting or
replacing the symbol with any other. One thing to remember, though you can
export the document to any other text editor, however can edit the symbolic
characters in Google Docs only.
In addition to editing
the mathematical symbols and special characters From Google Docs
editor, you can also place symbols or synthesize equations using LaTex codes. Many
of you might know that LaTex is a document mark-up language used for
synthesizing mathematical formulas. Google Docs has the ability to translate
the Latex code into Symbols. So you can use LaTex as an alternative.