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Instantly Recover Lost / Forgotten / Hacked Gmail Password

Google has revealed lot of services, some for fun and some for work. But it always necessary to be aware of your account security whether it be Gmail, Blogger, Adsense or any other service. You should always be careful as their are many hacking tricks by which any one may crack into your account. The three steps you should always take to better protect your privacy:
1- Never log into your account using any public computers-risk of key-loggers and other spy-ware products leading to identity theft.
2- Always double check the address bar at the top of your browser when logging into any services- Risk of being phished.
3- Always turn the auto-run feature off. Disabling the auto-run feature disables the auto installation of malware contents like spywares, keyloggers from devices like DVDs and USB Flash Drives.
The above mentioned are the three most popular ways by which hackers benefit most and also not much knowledge or skill is required to use them, so amateur may also try these.
How To Recover Lost, Forgotten Password?
Now what if you loose your gmail account password? First of all if you see the incorrect password message at the login screen try the following steps instantly:
1- If someone has hacked your Gmail account then you may reset your Gmail password if the hacker has not changed the password. For this, move to the Gmail login screen and Click "Forgot Your Password?"
2- Now if you set a recovery mobile phone number in the past the you can sent a recovery code to the phone number. Enter the recovery code and you will be able to reset your password again.
3- If you set a recovery email address in the past the you can again send an email by selecting the email option. Reach the recovery code from the email address. Put the code and reset your password.
What if you have not set recovery email and phone number credentials in the past?

If you forgot your password and want to access your lost account, while not having access to either of the recovery devices discussed above, no need to worry then. You can still recover your password with the help of a magical tool known as MessenPass. MessenPass is a password recovery tool, built to recover Yahoo IM passwords for default, but you can also recover Gmail or any other Google service with it. You can download MessenPass here.
All it demands is that you must have "remeber password" enabled in your browser at least once, when attempting to login into your Gmail account. You will be amazed and shocked when it will crack your password in front of you. It works...!
This process will work if you want to recover your lost or forgotten password. For hacked account case, the hacker might have changed the recovery email and phone number.
So, What If Someone actually hacked into your Gmail account?
If this is the case then no need to worry again. You can still recover your account by contacting Google support team. They will inquire you about some security questions related to your account like:
Account creation date
Last successful login date
Last used password that you remember
Other Google services that you use and the date of their creation
5 email addresses that you used most to send or receive emails etc...
This will be used to prove your identity.
You should submit the application from the computer, from where you log into your account most.
And also, do not ever forget to remember these questions for future.