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Happy UPDATE: I have posted a list of 18 legitimate genuine writing sites that pay as much as $50 per post. Writers deserve respect and I believe they should be paid well. I would try to add site that pay to contribute articles in future.
Hello, all of you. Many of you might have come across the pay to write articles site "kpwriting.com". Few days ago when I was searching for sites which were willing to pay for writing, I came across this site through an ad. The ad placed for the advertisement purpose stated $20 upfront payment for EVERY article submitted to the site.
But when I browsed through the site and I got shocked, because the site looked as it was a copy of academia-research.com and writerswanted.net. These two sites are the worst scams on internet, and they had never paid a penny to anyone. The payment details and other information is just the same.
Even the terms and conditions page contains phrases which are exactly alike to the content on academia-research.com and writerswanted.net. So I think the site is a big fraud, and again those guys want to SCAM us. SO in my opinion keep away from it because it is just a waste of time. What are your opinions regarding the site?
Also if you know about any freelance writing sites then you can share with us. THANKS A LOT !!!