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Portable Skype Messenger Pen-Drive USB Flash Version Download

Portable Skype Messenger pen drive version is a free software by which allows you to make free VoIP calls over internet. You can also place PC to Phone calls also at very cheap rates. Portable Pen drive version of Skype do not need any installation and rus on any computer instantly, from your USB flash drive stick.

Portable Skype Messenger provides you with many handy features like call confrencing, encrypting your calls to make your communication secure, Voicemail service, sms, and file transfer facilities among with many other. With Portable pen drive version you can avail all these features on the go. Only you have to plug-in your USB stick into any computer with internet connection and you will be free to make contacts. Moreover none of the traces will be left on the host computer. You can download portable skype messenger below.

Link | Download Skype Messenger Here

Author | Skype Technologies

Size | 11.5 MB