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Send Emails without Showing Your Identity

Disposable or
Temporary email
is a new kind of email service which a person can use
without showing her identity. If one finds insecure to retain his email
address, then he can shutdown that particular disposable email address.
Disposable or Temporary email services mainly came to lime
light after an increasing number of spammy activities carried over internet.
Internet has proved to be a paradise for scammers now-a-days.

Everyday thousands of private web crawling agent crawl the
internet in the search of email addresses. They collect email addresses from WebPages,
forums and blogs. Whenever they come across any entity having format like
this:  Someone@ServiceProvider.com they include it in their database.
These email addresses are then sold to scammers, who throw millions of emails
on millions of email addresses.
You might have seen many webmasters providing their email addresses
in the format:                                                
                             Someone (at) ServiceProvider (dot) com

This is done only to prevent that particular address from
becoming a part of any email collecting spammy web crawler's database.
To avoid all of this you can also use new
disposable/temporary email services. With the help of Disposable email services
you can leave you original identity sane. If you find anyone making illegitimate
use of your email address, you can simply dispose off that email. You don't
have to notify all your contacts. Rather you only have to notify that one
contact in order to revert back the changes.
In many cases temporary email service is used to forward
email addresses to conventional email inbox.
I have compiled a list of top ten Disposable/Temporary email
service providers, which can enable to safeguard your identity. The list is as