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Tips to Prepare Before Visiting Doctor

Although the scope of Technoscopi is not health related,
however recently I found some useful information regarding Health topic, which
I like to share with you.
There are some good advices to you by community of doctors,
as you plan to visit your doctor. It may help them to better diagnose your
problem, which will prove beneficial for you.

Before you set foot in your doctor's office take some time
to prepare for the visit. This increases your chances of leaving the
appointment well informed and satisfied with the care you receive. Before the
visit you should think about the issues which you want to discuss with your
doctor. You should rather note down the main questions which you want to ask, so
that any thing which you wanted to inquire may not skip from your mind at the
spot.  If you think that the regular
visit will not be long enough to discuss all the issues, you should take this
into account before the appointment.
1- You should specifically explain all the health issues.
More specific you are more it will help the doctor. It is in your own benefit.
Most of the people do not care about this fact. As a result many times there
are good chances of wrong diagnosis. This may prove fatal in many severe cases.
2- Be totally honest to your doctor when explaining the
symptoms, your life style, your alcohol intake if you take any, supplements you
take, the smoking history, and all other relevant information. Your doctor
needs a clear picture of what you do and about your health habits.
3- You should keep in mind to tell about all the medications
you take, any vitamins, any drugs, and any additional supplements you take
along with your diet. Writing down all this information will generally be a
good practice.
4- Pay attention to what you doctor tells about your health
and directions he makes. Follow the directions, and take the prescribed
medications according to the schedule indicated by your doctor.
~ If your doctor feels that your condition is outside his or
her are of expertise, he or she will refer you to the specialist.
~ When surgery is not an emergency, a second opinion may be
required by your health insurance plan.
~ If your doctor has not been able to diagnose your problem
after several office visits, you might want a second opinion.
~ If your medical condition is very rare or very serious,
you might want to talk a specialist in the field.
~ If you have been unable to communicate with your doctor,
about your problem, you might consider seeing another doctor.
When seeking a second opinion, always check your insurance
plan to see if it is covered.