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Tool to Check If a Site is Down for Everyone or Just You!

Sometimes, it happens that you try to open a webpage but an error appears. The page doesn't loads or loads partially. These times are very frustrating since you aren't getting what you want.

There could be several reasons for that. For example, there could a problem in your internet connection line, your PC (like you firewall could be blocking any webpage), your ISP's DNS, or that site could be blocked in your country.

And last but not least, the site may actually be down for some reason like server overloading, maintenance etc.

Now of all those problems, you actually want to know whether the problem is at your end or the site is down and everyone is facing the same problem. Once you figure out, you are all set for troubleshooting or watch for an alternative (in case the site is down).  

For all such moments, here is nice tool, to figure out if site is down for everyone or just you. This tool collects responses from people worldwide and then along with localized pinging responses, decides the actual state of any website. 

The tool is handy though. So I thought I should share it with you people. It has been developed by a friend of mine. Please, do express if you have something to say, in comments below.